Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Heat Challenge 5th Month Update

Holy cow I made it another month! Next month will my half way point!!! I was unable to deep condition my hair every Saturday this month but I did manage to do it three times instead of two time like last month. Other then that the only thing I changed was my conditioner. I ran out of my Pantene Pro V Breakage to Strength conditioner and I had been hearing great reviews on the Aussie Moist conditioner so I thought I would give it a try.  If you didn't catch last months update click HERE and if you would like to follow my journey from the beginning then click HERE.

What I did differently this month:
1. Deep conditioned my hair 3 times during the month.
2. Switched my conditioners. 

April 30th:
(Left Side) Look Olivia is getting curly hair just like mama! 

(Right View) Olivia sporting crazy hair! 

(Back View) Look at that length!!!



  1. Wow it looks so good!!! I want mine to look like this too!!
    By the way, instead of the olive oil - I am using Argan oil. Have you heard of it?
    I just can't stand the olive oil smell on my hair :-(

    1. Thank you :) I used Argan Oil for about 6 months and I ran out of it. I wanted to use up my old products before I bought more but I am itching to buy it again because I love it so much!!! Yeah the smell of Olive Oil gets to me too.