Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Deep Condition My Curly Hair

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how I deep condition my curly hair every week. Growing up I never cared about keeping my hair healthy until after I was pregnant and I started to loose massive amounts of my hair when I would take a shower. At first I just stopped shampooing my hair so much and that seemed to help a tiny bit. After my daughter turned one the shedding started to slow down and I decided to start my no heat challenge. If you would like to join my challenge or haven't read my other posts then go check out Month One and Month Two updates.


What Products I used 
Macadamia Natural Oil  Deep Repair Masque
Shea  Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil 

First, I just rinse my hair so I can get most of the product out and then I section my hair into 4 parts. I apply a half dollar size amount of the Macadamia Natural Oil  Deep Repair Masque to each section and finger comb. Once I am done with each section I twist the section into a Princess Leia bun and secure it with a bobby pin or two. 

Second, Once all four sections are nicely saturated and rolled into princess Leia buns I apply my trash bag. You are more then welcome to use a shower cap I just ran out of them so I'm using a small trash bag. Make sure you secure the bag down tight and then push out all the air left in it. 

Third, Take a scarf or head wrap and wrap your head up so more heat is created in your plastic cap. If you don't have a scarf or just don't like this step a lot of women sit under a hooded dryer to produce more heat. The heat will open up your hair follicles and allow the deep conditioner to really penetrate the  hair shaft. 

Fourth, Let the deep conditioner soak into your hair for at least 30 mins. I like to leave mine in over night but you can always leave it in for a few hours if you really want a good condition. Once your time is up go ahead and rinse the deep conditioner out with lukewarm water and then t-shirt dry ( I don't use a towel on my hair because it crates more frizz. Use a 100% cotton t-shirt when drying your hair to eliminate some frizz). 

Finally, add your favorite hair products into your damp hair and seal it in with your choice of oil. I used Shea  Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and sealed my ends in with Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil. Then let it air dry without touching your curls. 

Here is a closer look at my curls after the deep condition and I let it air dry. They are soft, bouncy and ready for the nice weather! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, comment or concerns feel free to comment below or you can e-mail me at mixedmama1031@gmail.com 


  1. Love it. So funny bc I just started this no heat thing when I went and had my last hair cut. My hair was amazing when i was pregnant and then boom, I had Brayden and it got Sooo bad! Amazing difference in my waves in just a couple weeks. I'm so mad I used to straighten my hair everyday!!!!

    1. That's how mine was too! While I was pregnant it grew like a weed and as soon as I had Olivia it started falling out and I cut it super short. I thought using a diffuser hair dryer would be better but the heat just really fries my hair. once I started this challenge my curls LOVED it! I noticed amazing results in the first 2 weeks! Good luck in your journey!

  2. Oh wow, I am so going to try this on my curls!!!
    If I manage to get them to look anything like yours... noone will be happier then me :-D

    1. :) Awesome! Make sure you take before and after pics! That's how I could really see the difference!

  3. Yeah curly hair is very much suit for your hair..At the end you look very beautiful..

  4. Love your curls. Does this work for 4c hair as well?