Saturday, March 10, 2012

Minty With A Side Of Flowers

Hey guys! For today's look I used 1 coat of Wet N' Wild I Need A Refresh Mint from the Megalast Collection. I am in love with this color and it glides on so smoothly! Mints are definitely going to be my go to color this year. I then went in with Bundle Monsters new image plate BM-224 and stamped the flower image with Konads Special Polish in Deep Red. This look is perfect for the spring time! Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Mint is also my color this year. I keep reaching for Essie's Mint Candy Apple whenever I do my nails lately.

    I'm new to stamping, so I know I need practice. Your stamp looks really clean, so maybe you can help me out. I can get the polish to transfer perfectly onto the stamp, but it's not adhering to my nail very well. Any suggestions?

    1. I love Essie's Mint Candy Apple so much! I need to use that one today! It sounds like your polish is drying onto the stamper. I have that problem too. What kind of polish are you using? I find that happens to me when I use the Konad special polish and Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI. I find that it doesn't transfer well if my nails are wet or tacky also..... I hope this helps you out :)

  2. What is the actual name of this red? I love it! Just wondering so I can pick it up. :]]

    LOVE this combination and the design!!