Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Heat Challenge and 1st Month Update

 Hey guys! I decided to try something new with my hair this year. I have always relied on blow drying or diffusing my super crazy curly hair. So I decided to do a "no heat challenge" to retain more length and get healthier, shinier hair. Right now I would say I'm shoulder length (SL) and my goal is to be mid back length (MBL) by the end of this challenge.
 What is a no heat challenge? A no heat challenge is when you do not apply ANY form of heat to your hair for an amount of time ( ie, no blow-dryers, diffusers, hooded dryers, flatirons or curling irons allowed). I started this challenge on December 1st 2011 and will end on December 1st 2012. Yes a whole year! I think I might be crazy!!! 
 I will do monthly updates telling you how its going and what I'm doing or learning. Also I will do 3 length checks during the year, one before I start, one around June and finally one at the end of the challenge. I encourage everyone to do this challenge with  me and to just have fun! If you have any questions about my hair or my regimen just let me know!


December 1st

December 31st 

Starting Length Check 


  1. great i wanna do the same thing with my hair

    1. You should! I can't believe how healthy and long my hair is now!

  2. This is inspiring starting out like this