Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post by Sweet Polish of Mine

Hey Mixed Mama readers!
Jasmine was kind enough to invite me to guest post for her while she is on vacation!
 My name is Joanna and I have a very, very new blog called Sweet Polish of Mine
I have been dabbling in nail art and following bloggers for about a year now and when I came across 
Mixed Mama I really liked her creativity and talent.

Then I realized that I knew her!
We went to high school together and live about 5 blocks away from each other :)

So, she does not know this yet but she is the reason I finally got up the nerve to start my blog.
I saw that a normal girl just like me who
 was able to not only have a nail blog but a successful one.
So thanks Jasmine, now I have something else to do instead of sleep!
(No really, Thank You)

Ok, enough with the talking and into the nail polish! 
I knew I wanted to do something special on this post. 
So that means pulling out one of those "Special, save for a rainy day, hard to find" polishes
I knew there was only one person to turn to, Alice.

 OPI Absolutely Alice is one of my favorite colors! 
I don't wear her often, but when I do I just stare at my nails!
This is a glorious 2 coats of the blue and gold, glittering beauty.

I had such a hard time choosing between pictures, so prepare for some polish spam!
(Alice is not a top coat eater by the way!)

OPI: Absolutely Alice
Finger Paints: Lemon Sour
Konad Special Polish in Pastel Blue
Poshe Top Coat

Bundle Monster Plate BM03

  I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope I didn't talk too much!
Swing by my blog and check out some of my other stuff!
(Sorry for rambling, just nervous)