Monday, April 8, 2013

Fake Tattoos- Nail Tattoos Review

Hey Lovelies! Today I am super excited to be showing you these neat temporary nail tattoos from the company Fake Tattoos. Fake Tattoos temporary tattoos are extremely simple to apply and are said to last anywhere from 3-10 days! These temporary nail tattoos are FDA tested and completely nontoxic!

About the company:
They are number 1 in Europe regarding temporary tattoos and ship worldwide. Fake Tattoos collaborates with several famous guest  designers to make their product one of a kind. Also, they focus 100% on customer satisfaction and fast shipping!

Top row: Ocean design, Hearts & bow design and Heart & text design.
Bottom row: Arty design, Red design and Bird design.

How to apply:
Step 1- Clean your nails with soap and water
Step 2- Cut out the desired tattoo
Step 3- Take Slowly away the plastic cover and press the tattoo on to the nail
Step 4- Keep pressing with wet paper
Step 5- When you feel that the paper backing is sliding away you can slowly remove it
Step 6- Let the tattoo dry for 5 mins
Step 7-Choose a high quality top coat and paint the nail with a very thin layer
Step 8- Let it dry 
Step 9- You're finished! 

For this look I used 3 coats of Love & Beauty's Babyface from Forever21. I then followed the directions and applied the anchor and fish designs from the Ocean card. Once my nails were completely dry I applied a coat of Seche Vite to top this look off. Seriously guys these were so simple and fast to use. These are great if you have a hard time with the normal nail stamping system but love a crisp design on your nails. The best part about the nail tattoos compared to stamping is that they don't smear when you apply your top coat! 

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**These products were sent by the company for an honest review**


  1. These look really great. I might have to try these.

  2. Those are nice!! :) You do great!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks love! They are so simple to use and just the right amount of bling when your not feeling like stamping!