Wednesday, September 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 12- Stripes

Hey Lovelies! Today is day 12 of the 31 Day Challenge and we are focusing on stripes! For this look I used two coats of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark and then went in with gold nail striping tape and made sun rays! I'm super sad that I experienced a little bit of shrinkage when I applied my Seche Vite top coat but in real life you cant even see it!  

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 If you would like to start from the begging check out 31 Day Challenge! Day 1- Red Nails. 


  1. Im sure you have to be majorly patient with those gold stripes! Good work!!

    1. Yes you do! but the nice thing is that they are only tape so you can peel it right off and try again :)